10:02pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Birthday Shenanigans!

Hey all! Today was my birthday and I had an amazing one, so I thought I would share some pics and some of today’s events with you. :)

Basically here’s how my day went down:

1. Got to sleep in. (WIN already)
2. Got to have Sushi and found THE BEST place here in Tulsa Yokozuna . (Sushi is my favorite food, so total win.)
3. Got to go to Color Me Mine Tulsa and made a badass #Halloween coffee mug with bats and candy corn on it.
4. I got to let out my inner fat kid and have a GIANT cup of frozen yogurt at Yolotti Frozen Yogurt with about 20 different toppings. (Super excellent)

6. I got enough gift cards to Black Milk Clothing to buy like 5 new things and I might actually tear up a little when pressing the purchase button. (I have a mighty need for Black Milk.)

This list doesn’t include the fact that Shirley and Homer (Oak’s Parents) took me out for a wonderful birthday dinner last night as well! (Thank you!)

I’d say today was a complete WIN and a great way to spend my Birthday. :)

Thank you Oak for taking me out today and spoiling me like a princess. Best. Boyfriend. EVER.

Here are some pics from our day:


Hey all! I recently got an e-mail from one of my supporters from the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN that I did to raise money for the music for CRAWL OR DIE.

As many of you already know - our film has gotten a US Distribution deal and is slated to come out in JULY of this year! Very exciting news! What that means for us currently is that we are working night and day to make sure and get everything delivered to the Distributor that they need, and we are very, very close to having everything wrapped up.

Once that happens - we have a great many things we intend to accomplish, and at the top of that list is to FILM MY MUSIC VIDEO! This had to be put on hold due to all of the exciting things happening with the movie, but we definitely haven’t forgotten about it and are excited to get it done.

I did not want to release my music without having the music video done, therefor I haven’t released it yet, but it’s coming! Once we begin production on the music video, I will be sure to post more videos, pictures and updates to let you all know the status.

I’m very excited to release my music for all of you to hear! In the mean time - you can hear a sneak peek of one of my songs in this #ThrowbackThursday video from when I was in the studio recording (Blackwatch Studios).

And here are some images from the studio and from my dance rehearsal and green screen testing for the music video:

Thank you for all the love, patience and support on this journey!



2:29pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Actor Thoughts

Now that CRAWL OR DIE is finally wrapping up and getting ready to be released to the world - I have been spending some time looking back on our adventure from the beginning.

There are many jobs to be done when making an independent film. While I do not consider myself a filmmaker - I do wear many, many hats when Oklahoma and I do a project together, and I am thankful to be able to do so, and to learn different things I probably otherwise wouldn’t have learned. I’ve done construction, helped organize auditions, helped organize set schedules, helped find crew to work on the film, helped with sound design, done deliverables work such as Dialogue Lists and Closed Captioning, etc. There is a crazy amount of work that goes into making a film, and my help was only maybe half of it. I watch Oklahoma work and am in awe of all the things he does and has taught himself to do and the hours and hours and HOURS of work he does. It’s amazing.

While I am happy helping on anything and everything I can - my heart still belongs and will ALWAYS belong to acting. It’s why I do all of this in the first place. It’s how I keep pushing and keep the hope alive through all the tough times. It’s that chance to be in front of a camera, and bring a character to life. There is nothing like it.

With CRAWL OR DIE coming to a close - I know that this chance is coming again for me in the very near future, and I can barely contain my excitement. I can’t wait to delve into a character again and to be on set. It’s my favorite time in life.

In the mean time - I thought I’d share a few old videos with you guys. One is an audition piece I did for another role, and the other are some videos I made while preparing to play TANK for CRAWL OR DIE.  Hope you enjoy!



Have a good week!



5:19pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Valentine’s Day

This year - Oak and I had a simple Valentine’s Day - we did what we love to do most besides making movies - we went and saw a movie. :) We saw American Hustle and enjoyed it very much. Here are a couple pictures when we got home.

Also we just happened to run into my friend and hair stylist Jamie (Salon Karma) who was there with her husband. She just HAPPENED to be seeing the SAME movie as us and she just HAPPENED to sneak this picture of us in the theater…

*coughSTALKERMUCHcough* hahaha ;) We love ya, Jamie!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!



1:53am - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Oklahoma putting the final touches on #CRAWLorDIE 5.1 mix!

It’s nearly 2am here at the studio, and Oklahoma is still working away on finishing up the 5.1 mix for CRAWL OR DIE. I know we are both excited to get all the final post work and deliverables done so we can get everything prepared for the July release!

If you haven’t yet - be sure to visit the CRAWL OR DIE website and facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest CRAWL OR DIE news!


Talk to ya soon!




Hey guys! Wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that we have started a



Oklahoma and I announced this in a LIVE VIDEO CHAT last week as well, but I thought I’d recap. Basically Facebook only let’s you change the name of a Facebook Fan Page once. As many of you know - the film was originally called ‘CRAWL’ - we then changed the name to ‘CRAWL BITCH CRAWL’ (which will still be the International title) and now we’ve had to change the name a final time to ‘CRAWL OR DIE’ due to our US Distribution Deal.

SO - we had to create a NEW Facebook page under ‘CRAWL OR DIE TRILOGY’ and we are currently trying to merge our old page with the new page, but we are waiting on Facebook to approve it. Once the pages are merged - all of the ‘Likes’ should transfer over, but in the meantime - please go ahead and ‘Like’ the new page so you can keep up with the latest NEWS/UPDATES on CRAWL OR DIE!

Thank you tons for all of your support and for bearing with us during this transition.

Have a good week!



1:21pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Blog and Guts Interview with Nicole Alonso!

I recently did an interview with Blog and Guts talking about CRAWL OR DIE

check it out below:

Nicole Alonso now has a new film in the pipeline, and it looks like it’s going to blow the doors off of indie horror. Just from the trailer, Crawl Or Die (aka Crawl Bitch Crawl) is a film that not only harkens back to the Alien franchise, but also delivers on what makes films like Alien so great: strong characters, good story, and most importantly, no escape…!”

Click the link below to read the interview!


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out the new CRAWL OR DIE Facebook Page and give it a ‘Like’, and sign up for the CRAWL OR DIE Newsletter at: www.CRAWLORDIETRILOGY.com



1:26pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Yell! Magazine shows LOVE for Nicole Alonso and CRAWL OR DIE!

I wanted to send a huge thank you to Yell! Magazine for posting my American Horror Story Pictures and for showing CRAWL OR DIE (Crawl Bitch Crawl) so much love and support!

"Remember that movie Crawl Bitch Crawl by Oklahoma Ward and starring Nikki Alonso? Well, the claustrophobic thriller has been retitled as Crawl or Die and will now be the first installment in a trilogy! Also, there’s a tentative U.S. release date of June or July this year…”

-Yell! Magazine


Until next time…



7:02pm - OKLAHOMAandNICOLE - Filmmaker Friday: Circle Cinema!

Today we want to highlight The Circle Cinema!

The Circle Cinema is a lovely independent theater located in Tulsa Oklahoma that has been around since 1928.

It is Tulsa’s only remaining historical movie theater - The Circle Theater is listed with the Oklahoma Historical Preservation office and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Circle are great supporters of Independent Films, and this is where we held our very first Audience Test Screening for CRAWL OR DIE.

Everyone at the Circle was very helpful and accommodating to us and helped us through the process of screening our film for the first time.

The Circle has a newly renovated theater and it’s beautiful!

It’s one of our favorite theaters here in Tulsa, and we definitely recommend you check it out!


Please visit their website and/or Facebook Page for Showtimes, to Sign up for their Newsletter and to learn more about the theater itself!


Happy Friday Folks! Have a good weekend!



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